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D - 12047 Berlin
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Juin 22 - 24

Fr 7am - 9pm, Sat 3 - 8pm, Sun 3 - 7pm

till 31 August by appointment

There's a hell of a universe next door.

Claudia von Funcke

photography | object | sound

real montage, real material, direct sound – unique errors in the system, ironic comment on the absurd inflation of presumed authenticity.

Our relationship towards the world has fundamentally changed. We crave for a supposed new realness, freed or supported from digital barbarism. The universe next door means literally the neighbour's world as well as the suppressed imagined world in your own head. Berlin musicians Grace Flindell, Tommy Goldschmidt und Colin Pearson got invited to improvise utterly genuine to a photograph of the "neighbourhood", provided by Claudia von Funcke.
No musical notes, no time to think, no corrections.
Real subjectiveness.